GCS is a multi-cultural and trilingual elementary school where multiple perspectives and languages meet, and students study an engaging and fun curriculum in Spanish, Chinese Mandarin and English taught by certified language teachers and native speakers with distinct backgrounds and international experience.

We provide a nurturing environment where students reach higher level of proficiency in the three most spoken languages in our global community, an environment where students not only achieve fluency through not just language immersion but cultural immersion and daily interaction with teachers and classmates in the target foreign language, but also become literacy proficient, compassionate team builders, and multi-cultural aware citizens, set to become new global leaders in the 21st century.

GCS language arts curriculum for English, Chinese Mandarin and Spanish with its innovative teaching methods has as an objective, to guide students obtain the world recognized language proficiency certifications that will constitute a strong academic profile for all our students, with a potential of pursing different academic opportunities abroad.

GCS possess a unique language arts curriculum for Talent and Gifted students offering specialized preparation courses for: Chinese AP language test, DELE for scholars Diplomas, YCT tests, HSK levels, and others.

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